Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Dead in Shipping Accident Between Dry Cargo Carrier and Container Vessel

Investigation Into How Freighters Collided Whilst Search for Missing Proceeds
Shipping News Feature

GREECE – An investigation is under way by local shipping authorities to discover the cause of an accident between two freighters in the Aegean Sea this morning about 75 nautical miles off the island of Sapienza which has left two seamen dead and eight still missing. The casualties are all believed to be from the 13,000 dwt Pirireis a dry cargo vessel whilst the crew of the other ship involved, the container vessel ConSouth, were reportedly unscathed. A search for the missing men by Greek Coast Guard vessels supported by a C30 aircraft and a helicopter are continuing.

The Pirireis, built in 1979 and flagged in the Cook Islands is operated by Emiroğlu Sea Transportation and Trade and owned by A&B Shipping and was reportedly carrying a cargo of fertiliser from Algeria to Ukraine. The area where the accident occurred is one of the most beautiful spots in the region, Sapienza is one of the Oinoussai, Peloponnese islands and there are so many historic shipwrecks in the area there has been discussions on making the island the site of an archaeological underwater resource.

The ConSouth is a 9,000 dwt box vessel registered in Antigua & Barbuda en route from Turkey to Malta with a crew of sixteen and at the time of the incident the sea was reportedly calm and the weather good. The dead and missing from the Pirireis are all believed to be Syrian nationals.

Photo: The Pirireis