Friday, February 22, 2013

Twinning of Devices for Road Haulage Operators Produces Safer Freight and Logistics

Those Who Invest in Technology Can Avoid Legal Infringements, Accidents and Quantify Driver Problems
Shipping News Feature

US – UK – The Vishay Precision Group (VPG), a producer of numerous sensor devices of use in the freight and logistics field has announced that its VPG On-Board Weighing product group has partnered with VUE, a UK leading supplier of vehicle CCTV, tracking, and telematics solutions, to enhance its 1300 BulkWeigh and 1300 WasteWeigh systems. The on board weighing systems enable road haulage operators to ensure their loads are always within legal limits, often otherwise impossible without access to a weighbridge. Now the VUE CCTV and accident recording products add a further safety dimension to any truck.

The new PM 1300 360-VUE systems offer enhanced health and safety and security features through new video data recording capabilities and support for up to eight cameras, including near side, far side, front, rear, and load whilst the VPG On-Board weighing systems that use the new PM 1300 360-VUE indicator can come equipped with three cameras and provide support for an additional five cameras to provide drivers with a 360-degree view.

For increased safety, when the vehicle slows below 15 mph and the left turn indicator is on, the systems will automatically default to the near-side camera. This gives the driver a clear view of the blind spot, helping to avoid accidents with pedestrians and cyclists when turning left. In addition the reverse camera also features new technology that corrects the "fish eye" effect, providing drivers with a clear, undistorted rear view.

Offering a 500 GB hard drive and recorder, the new PM 1300 360-VUE systems record vehicle speeds, G forces, and the use of brakes and indicators for insurance purposes. Providing fully controlled loading and unloading recording, the systems record GPS position, date/time, vehicle load weight, and video of the load platform for any planned load or unload, which can be included on digital photographs and stills. This same information is also recorded any time the vehicle load changes by half a ton, ensuring that no unauthorized unloading of goods occurs. The systems record load weights as text over video, and can store 30 days of data.

VUE (Vision Unique Equipment) is a family owned business that designs and manufactures CCTV and accident recording systems for vehicle fleets across the UK and Europe. Established in 1997, the Manchester-headquartered business has a turnover of £2 million and is recommended by many major insurance companies whilst VPG is responsible for a host of products marketed under various brand names.