Monday, September 30, 2013

Tuscor Lloyds Go Ahead With Container Shipping of Another Out of Gauge Project Freight Job

Giant Piece Arrives at the Finish Line Intact and On Time
Shipping News Feature

UK – US – Readers seeing our headline photograph can be forgiven they are witnessing preparations for a scene from a giant remake of the ‘Godfather’, as the sculpture of a seven tonne horse’s head makes its way on part of a journey from Suffolk to Philadelphia. At 10.3 metres long the huge, out of gauge piece was first carried to the Port of Felixstowe by low loader where freight forwarding and logistics agents Tuscor Lloyds arranged for transfer to a forty foot, flat rack container prior to shipping to the US.

Tuscor Lloyds project cargo team were saddled with the problem of the unusual shape and weight distribution associated with such unsymmetrical items but, with the bit between their teeth, they arranged for a heavy lift crane to transfer the head, suitably slung, firstly onto the trailer for a quick canter down to the docks and then onto the flat rack where it was suitably braced.

The twenty day voyage to the US saw the piece taken from the carrying vessel in the Port of Philadelphia where the entire process was reversed, cranage from ship to shore, then container to low loader for the final furlong to an event close by.

Out of gauge project shipments such as this can stir-up trouble like any complicated job but, thanks to Tuscor Lloyds’ project management staff, and the experienced dock workers who knew how handle this heavy and abnormal load, the cargo made it safely to its delivery destination, damage free and within the client’s budget and crucial time scale.

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