Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truck Freight Giant Launches New Logistics App

All Major Systems Can Handle New Con-way Software
Shipping News Feature

US – Everybody in logistics is finding new and better ways of utilising modern communications technology and now it’s the turn of American trucking giant Con-way Freight with the launch of their enhanced smart phone app which can provide customer-specific rate quotes for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users plus track shipments, view shipping documents and locate and call service centres.

Con-way say this is the first less than truckload (LTL) industry’s system which can work with all three of the major smart phone operating systems. US and Canadian customers can access the Con-way Freight Tools app from their smart phone's app store. Prior to launching the applications, users must enter their Con-way Freight web-registered username and password in their phone's settings. To access the company's mobile website, customers can simply enter in their smart phone's Internet browser address window to be redirected.

William R. Wynne, vice president, marketing for Con-way Freight, commented:

"We received feedback from users and our sales team that adding greater functionality - specifically the ability to obtain customized rate quotes - would add value and better serve the needs of the market both in the United States and Canada. Our goal with the Con-way Freight Tools app is to make doing business with us easier than ever, while providing customers with enhanced visibility, efficiency and ease of use. We will continue to evaluate feedback to ensure the app evolves with user needs."

Readers can take a look at what’s available HERE.