Thursday, April 22, 2010

Truck Driver Training Reveals Ignorance Of Drug And Alcohol Effects

Results Stress the Importance of Educating Staff
Shipping News Feature

UK – In common with most companies Allied Mills, the flour distribution group, were unaware of how many of their drivers were not conversant with what can constitute driving under the influence. As freight drivers across the country sign up for CPC qualifications many are finding out that they may have frequently broken the law in the past. Just last year we illustrated ways to disable a vehicle when the driver is intoxicated but all staff shipping goods around the country should be aware of the limits and problems.

Allied asked TTC Automotive, part of the TTC Group, to instruct fifty nine of their drivers, who deliver flour to bakeries across the UK, in the problems associated with drug and alcohol use. “We found that some of the drivers were unaware of the drink drive regulations and how to work out alcohol units to ensure they were not over the limit the next morning. They obviously know not to drink and drive but they did not know that just five units of alcohol will put a man over the legal limit,” said Allan Ward, Distribution Services Manager for Allied Mills.

The staff also learned that taking over the counter medicines can seriously affect one’s driving and Allied were so impressed they have asked TTC to return and instruct the rest of their mill staff. “Anything we can do to reduce accidents on the road is very worthwhile,” said Mr Ward.

The sessions demonstrated how alcoholic drinks are now stronger than ever before and served in larger measures. Absorption rates and how long it takes alcohol to leave the body were also included as was the impact on health. “Most people who attend our courses find the information is a real eye opener. Alcohol units, absorption rates and “the morning after” syndrome are relatively unknown to them,” said Mel Hughes of TTC.

TTC Group, with its head office in Telford, Shropshire, educates hundreds of thousands of the nation’s drivers. As well as providing corporate driver education, TTC is the UK’s leading provider of alcohol awareness courses for convicted drink drivers and a leading provider of speed awareness and national driver improvement courses.

Photo:- One US solution to the DUI problem.