Thursday, August 18, 2011

Truck Body Wants Fair Fuel Deal for Haulage Industry

RHA Annoyed by Inequalities
Shipping News Feature

UK – For the second time this week the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has spoken out at the iniquity of private shoppers receiving substantial discounts on fuel whilst freight and other truck operators are forced to pay a premium price. The RHA is incensed that the 12% drop in oil prices is being transferred to supermarket customers in the form of a two pence per litre reduction whilst hard pressed haulage operators cannot take advantage.

The news that Sainsbury’s are offering customers reductions of up to a staggering 12 pence per litre for customers who shop there has caused the RHA to speak up again with Chief Executive Geoff Dunning saying:

“Hauliers are shoppers too, the difference is that the average HGV operator cannot take his truck onto the forecourt of a supermarket filling station; it’s not allowed. If HGV operators were able to take advantage of this offer, filling up a 400 litre tank would cost £48 pounds less. These price cuts can only ever be short term. What is desperately needed and would help everyone would be a reduction in the actual rate of fuel duty.

“However, January’s planned duty rise, combined with the proposed August increase will drive up fuel duty by a massive 10.4%. This will suck more money out of the economy and further undermine efforts to regenerate growth. To increase fuel duty by over 10% is unthinkable in the current climate. The Treasury must rethink its addition to annual duty increases.

“The exchange rate should not be used as an excuse for high pump prices when the price of oil has dropped by 12% in the last month. It is imperative that we see a 5ppl cut in the price of fuel. When the price rises we have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay up. Equally, when the price comes down, we expect to see that reflected at the pump too”.