Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tricky Logistics In Moving Delicate Animals Around the World as Air Cargo

Arctic Foxes and a Star Fur Seal On the Move
Shipping News Feature
RUSSIA – HONG KONG – CANADA – This week two very different stories about animal transport, a type of shipment which always requires the utmost from freight forwarding agent and carrier alike. Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) was set the task of shipping four Arctic foxes travelling from Hong Kong to Montreal, Canada whilst in Russia VST Logistics, ACEX logistics alliance member in Yekaterinburg, faced up to carrying a fur seal from Chelyabinsk to Sochi.

The foxes, Chi Chi and Cindy (females), together with Siu Chu and Yau Nam (males) were carried on a B777-200 by Hactl customer Air Canada Cargo. The four are being re-homed from a local wildlife centre to the Quebec Aquarium. Canada is one of the Arctic fox’s natural habitats. Because of the animals’ natural habitat in the Arctic tundra, they were transported to Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 in a refrigerated truck, and were held in a climate-controlled area of Hactl’s Livestock Handling Centre prior to loading onto the aircraft. The animals’ nervous disposition also necessitated sensitive handling and a quiet environment.

Chi Chi originated in the USA, while Siu Chu and Yau Nam were born in captivity in Hong Kong. For Cindy, her new home in Canada marks the beginning of a better life, she had been a temporary resident at a wildlife centre, after being seized from a dealer illegally trying to sell her via an internet auction site. Garry Blagrave, Director, Cargo Sales & Service, Asia & Pacific of Air Canada Cargo said:

“We were delighted to play a part in the re-homing of these beautiful animals, and hope they will be very happy in their new, permanent environment. We are very grateful to Hactl for its invaluable assistance with this delicate shipment.”

In Russia meanwhile fur seal Snezhok needed similarly chilly conditions for his 3 hour direct flight with Ural Airlines in a ventilated cargo compartment bound for the Dolphinarium road tour on the Black Sea coast. Seals are notoriously difficult passengers and Snezhok was first driven to Koltsovo airport from Chelyabinsk in special vehicle and loaded after the briefest of waiting times in the cargo terminal for veterinary controls.

On arrival in Sochi the star performer was transferred immediately the necessary formalities had been completed and the entire movement took just two days, from the first notification, to Snezhok arriving at his new home, where he has settled in and is already wowing visitors with his performances.

Photo: One of the tiny Arctic Foxes peers out at the world.