Friday, February 12, 2010

Transport Ministers Agree On Fast Tracking New Truck Technology

Australian Meeting Prompts Agreement
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALASIA / ASIA – Transport ministers from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, who met this week in Melbourne, have agreed to cooperate more closely on encouraging the development of new environmental and safety technologies for trucks in their countries.

Also present at the meeting were the Australian Trucking Associations (ATA) Chairman Trevor Martyn and the founder of Australian logistics company Linfox, Lindsay Fox, who were able to explain some of the ideas and developments taking place in truck technology, including the use of hybrid powertrains and 'blackbox' digital tachographs.

The ministers were also able to drive various rigs and test vehicles at the Linfox automotive research centre in Anglesea, VIC.

Trevor Martyn said of the meeting that: “Each and every delegate – including the ministers – drove a prime mover or hybrid vehicle around the test track. I believe the delegates left with a much greater appreciation of the challenges facing truck drivers and the new technologies becoming available.

“The ATA will now work with our members and suppliers to submit practical, affordable and fair options to the Government to increase the use of these technologies.”

With the haulage and trucking industries once again showing that they are keen to adapt to new technologies in order to assuage concerns on transport’s role in environmental damage it is to be hoped that the various ministers promises do translate into real help for development programs.

(pic: Trevor Martyn (left) and Lindsay Fox)