Thursday, February 11, 2010

Transaid And Dentressangle Team Up To Give Forklift Training In Africa

Instruction Course To Improve Standards and Safety
Shipping News Feature

UK / ZAMBIA – Haulage company Norbert Dentressangle and logistics training charity Transaid have cooperated to give forklift training to a team of future instructors in Lusaka, Zambia.

Using a forklift donated by Toyota Material Handling, UK training instructor Jason Thornton, who works for Norbert Dentressangle Logistics UK, has just returned from undertaking a training mission on behalf of Transaid, the goal of which is to improve the quality of African logistics workers.

Transaid runs a number of programs across Africa which aims to improve the standard of living in the continent by providing training to those working in the transport and freight sectors so as to make economies in Africa more efficient and competitive, as well as improving safety standards.

Speaking on the need for this sort of specialist assistance, Jason said: “There is little formal training offered for the estimated one thousand forklift drivers in Zambia, as the use of forklifts has really only taken off in the last five years.

“The course we delivered covered everything from pre-use checks and safe manoeuvring through to correct lifting procedures and understanding the gravitational forces at work on a FLT.

“It was a busy week, but by the time I flew home there were six qualified FLT trainers in Lusaka who will be able to help local people to develop much-needed skills.”

In addition to making sure that the trainees now have sufficient knowledge in forklift operation, Jason also taught them how to run their own training courses and qualification assessments.

Speaking of this latest program the CEO of Transaid, Chris Saunders, said that: “This improved training will almost certainly result in reduced injuries within the warehousing environment and may even help to reduce fatalities. It's another example of how Transaid and its supporters are pulling together to help strengthen the Professional Driver Training Project, which has already grown beyond our original expectations.”

Transaid’s aim is that with road deaths the third biggest killer in Africa after malaria and Aids the need to provide training to workers in the transport industries is paramount.

For more information on Transaid projects see here.

(pic: Jason Thornton conducting training in Lusaka)