Saturday, June 6, 2009

Train derails East of Toronto

Residents evacuated

CANADA - Residents of Oshawa, Ontario, were told to leave their homes on Friday after 27 rail cars and two locomotives came off the tracks north of Highway 401 in Toronto. At least two cars ended up in the back yards of local residents.

Residents living within a one-kilometre radius of the derailment site were asked to leave the area while emergency workers ensured the area was safe.

Dave MacKenzie, whose house backs onto the tracks, said "They come flying by here. The table in the house rattles. The pictures on the speakers fall off. The whole nine yards," he said.

Mike LoVecchio, CPR spokesman commented "CP's priority firstly is to ensure the safety of our employees and the surrounding community. We will then work to mitigate any environmental damage and then focus on the investigation." Miraculously, nobody was thought to be injured.