Monday, September 14, 2009

TNT Throws Down The Gauntlet to Auto Builders

Consortium will purchase 3,000 electric vehicles by 2012
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – Dutch global logistics carrier TNT has signed as part of a consortium of companies that have issued a joint tender for the purchase of 3000 electric vehicles between 2010 and 2012. The initiative plans to challenge the automotive industry to rise to the occasion by creating a large scale, continuous and substantial demand for electric vehicles.

Though a host of companies are taking part in the scheme, TNT is one of the primary movers as a major fleet operator. Peter Bakker, CEO of TNT, said that:

“TNT participates in this tender in order to be able to arrive at an accelerated general use of electronic transport, which at present is the most promising technology with which we can drastically reduce our CO2 footprint.”

Another major participant is the energy company Eneco, which aims to replace 500 diesel commercial vans by electronic vans within four years. At the same time, charging points will be installed at the company’s business premises and at the homes of the employees.

CEO of Eneco, Jeroen de Haas, said:

“Our commitment is substantial, not only will we be switching to electronic vehicles ourselves by replacing our vehicle fleet with electronic commercial vans, we will also facilitate the charge spots, the NRGSPOTs. As an energy company, we have a sustainable strategy and in this manner, we can put this strategy into practice.”

The consortium will invite leading manufacturers of electronic cars to submit bids in November and it expects delivery in 2010. Three types of vehicles will be purchased based on agreed specifications; a small and a large commercial van and a passenger car.

(pic: © TNT; caption: “Electric power is not just for kids”)