Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thief Nearly Gets Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew

New Anti-Vehicle Theft Idea?
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY — A thief who stole a van in Wuppertal, Germany may well have got the shock of his life when he discovered the cargo he had stolen was in fact a circus lion.

The vehicle was taken from amongst several others which belonged to Circus Probst in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Almost certainly unknown to the thief was that it had as its load onboard one of the circus’ star performers, a five-year old lion called Caesar.

As the van was recovered after having crashed into a traffic sign, with no sign of the driver and the engine still running, police speculate that a sudden roar from Caesar may have caused the crook to lose control in panic.

Caesar was unharmed and police later returned him to his handlers.

(With both police and drivers worried about the rates of crime that commercial vehicles experience, haulage companies may wish to examine the idea of randomly inserting lions into trailers parked overnight as they may act as a deterrent - Ed.)