Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Thermal Packaging Specialist Twins with Multimodal Solutions Provider

New Chinese Venture for Partners
Shipping News Feature

CHINA – German thermal insulation packaging specialist va-Q-tec AG says it is strengthening its position in the Chinese market after partnering with freight transport group Worldwide Logistics. The pair are opening a new TempChain Service Centre (TSC) in Shanghai to offer clients a comprehensive portfolio of safe, cost-efficient and green temperature controlled packaging solutions.

China's pharma market is, after the US, the second biggest globally. Projections estimate that it will reach a size of $200 billion by 2022. Local pharma companies are growing at an above-average rate and major global healthcare players are pushing into the country where there is big potential. The annual growth rates of the demand for temperature controlled transportation and storage are the highest in the world, both for outbound business and domestic distribution.

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Worldwide Logistics va-Q-tec says it is able to provide Chinese clients optimum availability and access to that company's container and box rental fleet. In addition global customers are able to open trade lanes into China via the TSC in Shanghai. Roland Rappl, responsible for the container rental business at va-Q-tec comments:

"We are very happy to cooperate in China with a multimodal logistics company like Worldwide Logistics. Our partner has long term experience and a great network across the country. Our TempChain Service Centre in Shanghai is for us the gate to the entire Chinese market.

”We have already gained business with leading players in China which rely on our advanced passive door-to-door thermal container solutions. But the market is not only relevant for pharma and biotech products but also other temperature sensitive products such as high performance glues, components for the semiconductor industry and chemicals".

After the foundation of subsidiaries in Japan, South Korea and Singapore this step underlines va-Q-tec's strategic expansion plan in Asia. The company has a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality passive thermal packaging solutions, ranging from small boxes to pallet size containers. The innovative products can keep a stable temperature for several days without external power supply.

With an extensive partner network and TempChain Service Centres all over the world the company says it provides clients with thermal packaging for purchase or in a convenient rental model. Henry Pek from Worldwide Logistics said:

"We are honoured and excited with the decision by va-Q-tec to select us as the Lead Service Provider in China. In the Shanghai TempChain Service Centre Worldwide Logistics will receive, inspect, clean, pre-condition, prepare, load and release containers as well as boxes from va-Q-tec. In addition we will manage the entire Transportation Management plus Custom Formalities. In the future also a direct trade facilitation or an engagement in Sales and Marketing is possible. With the TSC in Shanghai it is possible to cover both the south and the north of China with reliable services even with strong growth in the Chinese region."

Established in 2001, Worldwide Logistics Group is headquartered in Shanghai with a comprehensive network of branches and offices locally and worldwide in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, India, North America, Australia, Turkey, Thailand Poland and Pakistan. With its own bulk cargo fleet, tank type container equipment, freight depot and warehouse solutions it can offer a range of multimodal products.