Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The New Shipping Container Packing Code for Freight Stowage Explained in Detail

London Seminar Will Instruct on How to Ensure You Do Not Transgress IMO/ILO/UNECE Rules
Shipping News Feature

UK – In a recent article we highlighted the inception of a new ‘Cargo Transport Unit’ (CTU) Packing Code from three of the industries senior legislative bodies, in précis the correct way to load a trailer, rail cargo wagon or shipping container. We pointed out at the time that, at around three hundred pages, this draft version was no light read, and now we learn that the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), the NGO which represents the global freight handling industry, is to hold a seminar to run through the details of the new IMO/ILO/UNECE Code of Practice.

As has been pointed out time and again by insurance associated bodies such as the TT Club, bad packaging is a perennial cause of problems, with accidents every year occurring because of unsuitable loading of trailers and containers. These often involve dangerous chemicals or other toxic materials which have been improperly packed or over-stowed with heavier goods. This week the TT Club’s own figures reveal that 65% of cases involving loss or damage to cargo are thought to be caused by poor or improper packing and securing. The ocean carriers’ own Cargo Information Notification System (CINS), has also revealed that some 35% of incidents investigated relate to poorly or incorrectly packed containers.

The situation is now considered so important that the TT Club has now openly stated that it considers the problem to be even more serious than the much discussed (and recently legislated upon) matter of incorrect container gross weights. The practical, one day seminar, is being held on board the HQS (formerly HMS) Wellington, moored near Temple Station on the Victoria Embankment (WC2R 2PN ‎) and will cover a range of topics from explaining what the new Code contains, how to prepare, enforcement and steps to reduce the problems. The event is co-sponsored not only by the TT Club, but by suppliers of cargo restraining systems, Cordstrap, and also Exis Technologies, which specialises in supplying web based solutions for the safe transport of hazardous goods.

The new Code is of importance to all logistics groups as it covers carriage of goods by way of all conceivable types of cargo movers including tank containers, reefers etc. and the event will commence at 9am on Tuesday October 22 with registration and full details viewable HERE, with the cost of the day’s instruction ranging from £150 - £295 + VAT with lunch included.

Photo: HQS Wellington