Friday, August 11, 2017

The Friday Freight, Supply Chain and Logistics News Round Up

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Shipping News Feature
UK – Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimise the supply chain, has announced the completion of the transfer of Egemin UK Ltd. which produces automated warehouse and vehicle systems for the logistics industry, and all its assets and activities to Dematic Ltd. The transfer, which took place on August 1, is part of the global integration process of Egemin Group into Dematic. Stuart Stables, Managing Director of Dematic Northern Europe said:

“We are delighted that Egemin UK is now part of Dematic Ltd and that the integration of Egemin’s business into Dematic’s global enterprise is now well underway. We are especially pleased to welcome all those joining Dematic from Egemin, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise that they bring with them to our common endeavour: to deliver innovation and excellence in warehouse automation.

“With the transfer comes the responsibility to support further sites in an expanded customer portfolio. As Dematic, we are dedicated to the support of all our customers. We look forward to working closely with our enlarged customer base and we enthusiastically welcome the opportunities that this integration presents.”

PANAMA – The Panama Canal is to modify its tolls structure. The modifications are scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2017 and can be seen HERE.

For containerships the Panamanians say they now offer more attractive rates for loaded containers on the return voyage, applicable only to Neopanamax vessels operating through the Canal in both out- and back-routes when:

- the utilization rate of the northbound transit is higher or equal to 70%, and

- the time lapse between the northbound and the southbound transit is not greater than 28 days.

The authority is also promoting use of the services provided within Panama’s logistics hub by stating that any additional days that the vessel requires to perform port-related activities in the Panamanian terminals will not add to the 28- day period.

The new structure also modifies the tolls charged to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) vessels.

US – CaroTrans, a global neutral NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) and ocean freight consolidator, has launched its own freight management mobile app. It's currently available as a free download for Android phones in the Google Play App store. The iPhone version will be released early September 2017.

The CaroTrans Mobile App features include Track and Trace, LCL ocean rates, Door to Port rates, Sailing Schedules and Inland rates. Craig Stukey, CaroTrans IT Manager, said:

"In today's marketplace it's important to deliver convenient, easy-to-access digital tools that save customers' time and effort. The business world is online, 24/7, and mobile phones are where people conduct business.”

US – The Port of Oakland last month set an all-time record for import cargo, handling the equivalent of 84,835 loaded 20-foot import containers. That was the most for a single month in its 90-year history, breaking the previous record of 84,023 containers set in March 2015.

The Port attributed the cargo increase to the economic health of its core market in Northern California and Western Nevada and to the continued strength of US consumer spending. Maritime Director John Driscoll, said:

“Retailers have been forecasting strong peak season import numbers this year and so far, they’re right. We’re glad to support them and we are ready for more.”

SOUTH AFRICA – AMI, the world’s largest trade-only airfreight and express wholesaler, is launching an all-inclusive online service in South Africa. Called click2ship Express Imports, the new service is, unsurprisingly, the imports counterpart of click2ship Express Exports, launched in South Africa in 2014.

Click2ship Express Imports provides online quotes and bookings for imports from any location in the world. Prices include collection at origin, Customs export entries, freight, Customs clearance on arrival, and local delivery from airport to agent or consignee.

The new service is aimed both at freight forwarding agents at point of origin, and those in South Africa. Its goal is to simplify and speed up the importing process, as well as providing agents with instant quotes that will help them to secure business by offering faster responses to customer enquiries. Says AMI’s VP Africa, Milton French:

“Imports currently accounts for some 20% of AMI’s turnover in South Africa, so the potential to grow imports business is considerable. click2ship Express Imports is simple to use, provides attractive rates based on quality operators, and saves agents having to conduct time-consuming research into multiple suppliers in order to construct a quote. We believe this represents an appealing package.”