Friday, August 21, 2009

Thai Customs Charges Waived to Assist Export and Import Trade

Government moves in bid to support Shippers
Shipping News Feature

THAILAND – The Thai Customs Service have introduced a scheme designed to help traders during the current economic difficulties. All Customs fees plus the fixed charge of 30 Baht per consignment levied by the Foreign Trade department have been waived until 1st February 2010, when the situation will be reviewed.

The move is designed to particularly support the Thai export trade said Deputy Minister of Commerce, Alongkorn Ponlaboot, Chair of the Government Logistics for Trading committee. He continued: "The two measures are part of the government's additional measures to lower logistics costs, because it puts huge financial burdens on Thai traders”.

Mr Ponlaboot further stated that the new moves should also reduce processing times. It is said that well over 3 million Customs documents are processed annually, each costing 300 to 400 Baht.

Whereas in the West logistics factors account for around 10% of a traders average, overall costs, in Thailand this figure is nearer 20%.

The committee is also in negotiations with the Ministry of Transport to waive road tolls for freight vehicles on highways 7 and 9 heading for the Ports of Laem Chabang and Klong Toei respectively.