Thursday, March 4, 2010

TDG'S Chemical Depot Reaches 2000 Days With No Lost Time Accidents

Impressive Safety Record Attributed to Staff and Training
Shipping News Feature

UK - Site-based employees at TDG’s chemicals depot at Acton Grange, near Warrington, are celebrating an impressive 2000 days with no lost-time accidents in the warehouse operation.

The COMAH Top Tier chemicals warehouse, one of the cornerstones in this important business for TDG, has a wide customer base providing warehousing, re-packing and drumming operations for high profile customers such as Johnson Matthey, Lucite, Petrochem, Samuel Banners and Exxon-Mobil amongst others.

Brian Luck – Acton Grange’s General Manager said: 'I firmly believe that this landmark success can be attributed to the competence, professional skills and active role taken on by the entire site's employees and staff. A number of actions have focused on the facilities and the employees with the aims of increasing safety awareness and making safety a 'mindset' and way of life at the site. I would like to say congratulations to everyone at Acton Grange for this great safety achievement.'

In a statement TDG attributes its safety success to its comprehensive training program for staff, which over the past five years has delivered 5,100 hours of safety training to staff.

(pic: TDG’s Acton Grange team)