Thursday, June 3, 2010

TDG Spend To Save On Cold Store Energy Consumption

Logistics Providers Update Systems to Cut Costs
Shipping News Feature

UK – TDG, since October 2008 a wholly owned DouglasBay Capital plc company, is striving to achieve energy savings of 12% within its temperature controlled storage units around the UK by September, set against a 2006 baseline. TDG have made recent investments which include over £1 million spent on a new refrigeration plant at Aberdeen and a range of energy saving measures at their Avonmouth cold store including separate pedestrian doors, new roller shutter doors for the main bays and the installation of liquid pressure amplification to reduce power consumption.

Martin Palmer, TDG’s Shared User division Director and recently appointed Director of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation observed that “Cold stores have a heavy demand for energy, but we will achieve the challenging targets set in our climate change agreements by making considerable investment in plant and equipment to reduce our energy use. We plan to continue our multi-million pound investment over the coming months to help us further reduce our carbon footprint.”

TDG has also introduced a web-based automatic monitoring system to check their cold stores’ temperatures every five minutes. Providing early warning of potential problems such as refrigerant leakage, this system also enables TDG to remotely operate the refrigeration plant and other electrical systems such as lighting. Ten cold stores are now linked to a central server, which enables remote monitoring of energy use. More cold stores will be added to this system of monitoring later this year.