Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TDG Show The Way To Safer Logistics With No Lost Time Moving Freight

Nearly Fifty Thousand Shifts without Incident
Shipping News Feature

UK - Staff at TDG's distribution centre for Kimberly-Clark in Flint are celebrating more than six years without any lost-time incidents (LTI) - and by happy chance, Kimberly-Clark s global executive team were there too, so helped them mark the occasion. This equates to an astonishing almost 50 thousand shifts at the 23,000 sq m warehouse and transport operation, which operates 24/7.

TDG has worked with Kimberly-Clark at the Flint hub since 1996. The depot is the national distribution centre for Kimberly-Clark Professional in UK and Ireland, which supplies paper products and cleaning solutions to the commercial sector. It is also a regional distribution centre for Kimberly-Clark Professional's European distribution.

Chris Jones, general manager for TDG at Flint said:

'We spend a great deal of time on training and maintaining our compliance to both TDG and KC safety procedures. At the moment our safety record stands at 2234 days without a lost time accident - which, particularly for a site which operates round-the-clock, is a real achievement.'

All 42 members of TDG's workforce at Flint in North Wales are keen to keep this record growing pointing out that they get lots of support from TDG - regional health and safety advisors provide training and the staff get regular upgrades on legislation. The Flint distribution centre recently hosted a demonstration of best practise during TDG's first International Health and Safety meeting, where health and safety managers from UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Koblenz spent two days together to share experiences and best practice.

Photo: TDG's new MD, David Bermingham together with Chris Jones, TDG general manager at Flint and Jan Spencer of the Kimberly-Clark Global Leadership Team, who actually started his career at Flint depot. Now based in the US, he was very aware of Flint's safety record, and was very pleased to be at the site once again. He said 'My congratulations go to Chris and the whole team for maintaining such an excellent performance.'