Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TDG Secure New Long-Term Warehouse Contract

Givaudan Nederland Confirm Outsource Choice
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – TDG, the European-based supply chain and logistics provider, has secured a long-term contract to provide warehousing and handling services to Givaudan Nederland BV, one of the leading manufacturers in the flavour and fragrance industry.

TDG has already been providing these same services to Givaudan for three years at their Hilversum site and the new move looks to extend the strong relationship the two companies have formed for the foreseeable future, with Leon Eijkenboom of Givaudan saying: “The team at TDG understand and adhere to the strict quality regulations needed with logistics activity in the food ingredients sector.”

Since taking over the warehousing operation TDG has successfully integrated both companies supply chain IT systems to produce a new system that combines the best elements of each. This has apparently played an important part in Givaudan’s decision.

(pic: TDG Hilversum)