Monday, February 1, 2010

Tax And Business Consultants To Hold Global Supply Chain Seminar

Conference to Give Advice on International Operations
Shipping News Feature

USA – Houston-headquartered tax and business advisors Verse Consulting LLC have announced the first in a series of conferences aimed at providing training and information to corporate tax, legal, supply chain management, accounting and finance personnel in middle-market companies. The seminar, entitled “Hot Topics in Global Supply Chain Management – Tax & Legal”, is set for the morning of Tuesday, February 23, 2010, at Houston’s Intercontinental Hotel.

“Managing opportunities and challenges in the global supply chain is one of the foremost issues facing multinational enterprises,” says Robert B. Jennings, a partner in Verse’s Houston office. “With governments around the world scrutinizing cross-border transactions more closely than ever, the price of getting supply chain structuring and pricing wrong has risen exponentially.”

The conference, which features speakers from Baker & McKenzie and Calvetti, Ferguson & Wagner, P.C. – in addition to industry professionals from Dell and Parker Drilling – is intended to provide attendees with insight, ideas and solutions for addressing emerging issues and current trends in the trade laws, regulations, policy and practices of the U.S. and its trading partners affecting multinational enterprises’ global supply chain.

The conference will draw on Verse’s vast range of experience in global operations which has seen the company develop tax strategies designed to protect international corporations from enterprise risk and reputation damage resulting from non-compliance with local laws throughout the world.

Registration and details for the seminar are available here: