Thursday, June 24, 2021

Tasty Pizza Contract for Bespoke Impact Protection Manufacturer

Safety Paramount for Fast Food Producer
Shipping News Feature

UK – Mention Domino's Pizza to anyone and it is hardly likely to conjure up a vision similar to that of our photograph. The truth is however that it is ultra-modern facilities like the company's 26,000 square foot catering facility near Glasgow that are the key to the supply chain which places the fast food within one's grasp.

The plant, at the Cambuslang Investment Park, sees vehicles stock-up in a 24/7 operation before supplying to dozens of stores across the country, and inevitably health and safety precautions are paramount. To this end Domino’s commissioned impact protection equipment outfit Brandsafe to cater for the safer routing and parking of onsite vehicles and management of pedestrian traffic.

Working on the specification side with architects SMR and TSL Projects, Brandsafe, which is also providing consultancy and project design support alongside an extensive aftersales package, had its service team install hundreds of items across the four-acre site. These included robust Armco safety barriers featuring integrated fishtail safety ends, corners and post caps, trief containment kerb systems, and pedestrian safety handrails and gates.

Bollards, speed bumps and wheel stops, along with door protection goalpost systems and cycle and smoking shelters, have also been specified as part of measures to provide high standards of safety and impact protection, all manufactured at the company’s Milton Keynes site. Paul Roehricht, UK strategic account manager, said:

“As warehouses and logistics centres continue to ramp up their operations, protection of people and property is paramount. The installation at Domino’s Pizza supply chain hub shows how our products and systems can be integrated to provide a comprehensive impact safety solution for better, safer and more productive workplaces.”