Tuesday, August 30, 2016

T Rex Finally Makes its Longest Journey as Logistics and Air Freight Firms Ship a Box of Trix

66 Million Years to Travel from the US to the Netherlands
Shipping News Feature
NETHERLANDS – Historically the old fossils on the News Desk here at the Handy Shipping Guide have always been inundated by emails of the latest and greatest freight shipments, and our skeleton staff have no bones about discarding the boring ones. Sometimes however something comes along that is truly deserving of a rapturous round applause when Dutch firm Jan de Rijk Logistics transported the remains of a 66 million year old skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the city of Leiden where she will be on display at the Naturalis Museum.

Affectionately called ‘Trix’, the fossil of the female dinosaur is one of the three most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons in the world, according to Naturalis, with around 80% of her bones unearthed at the dig. Discovered in 2013 in the US state of Montana, the skeleton measures 12.5 metres from nose to tail and four metres from the hip down. Through crowd funding efforts, Naturalis succeeded in bringing the dinosaur to the Netherlands, meaning that Trix is the only T Rex skeleton that will be displayed outside the US. Her exhibition runs from September 10th 2016 to June 2017.

On the August 23, KLM flew the skeleton from Chicago to the Netherlands. The dinosaur is then being transported by Jan de Rijk Logistics from Schiphol to Leiden. Tim Roos, Manager Aerospace & Special Projects of Jan de Rijk Logistics commented:

"We are proud to be part of this literally historic event. In our daily work we provide advanced logistics solutions for clients from around the world. We are honoured that we specifically have been asked by KLM to carry out this very special transport.''

Editors Note: Apologies for the junior copywriters puns – someone so young yet with such old ‘jokes’.