Friday, January 8, 2010

Swiss and Italian Border Tunnels Blocked By Weather

Gotthard Link Closed to Trucks
Shipping News Feature

SWITZERLAND – The extreme winter conditions that are being experienced across the Northern hemisphere has now begun to interfere with the transport and logistics across the Alps.

The Swiss Federal Roads Authority has announced they have had to close the Gotthard and San Bernardino north and southbound tunnels to heavy good vehicles due to heavy snowfall across the region, with much more of the same forecast to follow.

With an annual traffic volume of 1.2 million trucks, the 10-mile long Gotthard road tunnel is the main north-south route through the Alps, linking northern and southern Europe.

Currently trucks attempting to head south into Italy are being diverted to holding areas to holding areas on the A2 motorway, whilst traffic heading north is being held at the Chiasso-Brogeda border crossing.

Any hauliers or truckers planning on using this route should check for up-to-date information here.

(pic:Webcam shot of approaches)