Monday, June 11, 2018

Sustainable Autonomous Capability for Truck Prompts Lithium-ion Battery Order

Modular Transporter Group Developing Range for Port and Road Haulage Work
Shipping News Feature
GERMANY – SWEDEN – Alelion Energy Systems AB, which first entered the lithium battery development field in 2006 and is currently constructing Sweden's first large scale lithium-ion battery factory with an annual capacity of 500 MWh, has received an order for high voltage batteries from the German special vehicle manufacturer KAMAG to electrify the powertrain of one of its heavy truck-models. KAMAG specialises in Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), working in ports etc. and modular vehicles for haulage of loads on public roads, and is preparing for autonomous operation across its range.

This latest order is a significant move for Alelion into a new segment and the company views it as an important step in the development of Sweden's first factory for large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries for vehicles. Currently Alelion's customers include some of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers.

KAMAG's planned electrified truck is a multi-purpose vehicle to be used with semitrailers and for transporting goods in ports, warehouses, mail and package handling sites as well as on production sites and at airports. The driverless version of the KAMAG E-Wiesel AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) truck is adapted for automated logistic centres.

This multi-purpose vehicle can be configured with a maximum of four battery packs for optimised range and efficiency. The trucks come with several engine alternatives and the battery packs are all based on high-performance li-ion cells. The applications use high voltage to minimise losses in the electrical powertrain; now a common standard within the automotive industry.

As part of a joint development project, Alelion will deliver a first batch of batteries in 2018. The remainder of the order, valued at approximately MSEK 15, will be delivered during 2019. The heavy vehicle segment is an important part of the future for lithium-ion batteries and Daniel Troedsson, CEO of Alelion, observed:

”This order is an important milestone and proves that Alelion also plays a central role when it comes to the electrification of heavy vehicles. More and more vehicle manufacturers are investigating the possibilities to convert to sustainable, all electric powertrains due to environmental and climate issues. Our long experience with lithium ion-technology in the forklift industry puts us in a good position to design the power supplies of tomorrow and contribute to the electrification of the heavy vehicle industry."

Photo: KAMAG Wiesel in DHL livery.