Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Supply Chain Management System Boosts Capability

Integration with Microsoft Products Offer More Customer Options
Shipping News Feature
UK – US – Specialist software developer Touchpath has improved the utility of its custom ‘TouchWMS’ warehouse management solution by adding the ability for the system to integrate with Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV and GP software which is designed with the needs of small and mid-sized companies in mind. The TouchWMS software already integrates with multiple other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, including M3, SAP, BPCS and MAPICS.

Touchpath state that they are able to offer customisable software packages for supply chain management as they use smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination. As a result their solutions, such as TouchWMS, can run stand-alone or be integrated with a number of mainstream ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems. It is translated into 11 languages and has the functionality to support the full range of warehouse processes. TouchPath International CEO David Myers said:

“The key business benefit of our WMS-ERP integration is the ability to post transactions back from the warehouse to the ERP system, in real-time. As a result the ERP system is always working on current data when it performs its planning functions. You set the rules and we build your WMS around them – one that fits your needs and conforms to your business.”