Monday, July 23, 2012

Supply Chain Logistics, Materials Handling and Freight Forwarding Just Part of 110 Year History

Multi National Group Barloworld Celebrates an Anniversary
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH AFRICA - For most of our freight and logistics readers, Barloworld is predominantly a materials handling supplier or a supply chain consulting and freight forwarding group. In fact the organisation has grown from a small garment trading company in South Africa which grew to be the country’s largest conglomerate employing 245,000 in the late 1980’s and this year Barloworld celebrates 110 years in business.

The group was separated in the early 1990’s and its constituent companies include logistics, mining, motor vehicle retailing, building materials, handling equipment, consumer electronics and steel manufacturing and selling. It is now a multinational corporation, headquartered in South Africa and operating in twenty seven countries worldwide with 2,300 employees across 87 offices and annual revenue of $6 billion. CEO of Barloworld Clive Thompson said:

“This is thanks to the pioneering spirit of our Barloworld people and the immense courage and foresight of our leaders through the years. At Barloworld people are, and always will be, our greatest asset. Throughout our 110 year journey, our company has been shaped by incredible people. From humble beginnings, we have grown and thrived. This is the moment of pride for all the Barloworld stakeholders for their contribution to our success.”

The logistics division of Barloworld was established in 2001 and has a presence in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe with a strong home base in southern Africa. In 2008, in-line with their growth strategy, Barloworld Logistics made a series of acquisitions in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe to gain experience and build a presence in the East-West trade flow. Managing Director for the Far Eastern logistics business William Tang commented:

“The trade between China and Africa has been increasing rapidly over the last decade and Barloworld Logistics intends to offer a reliable logistics and smart supply chain solutions to Chinese companies dealing in Africa. Our entry into the Far East market was given considerable strategic thought and we are here to offer smart supply chain solutions that give businesses a competitive edge.

“There are not many companies which have been around for 110 years. This means, we have been doing the right things, right. At Barloworld, apart from the history, you get a sense of belief and trust to work with. Our history proves that we will do the necessary to exceed customers’ expectations and this commitment creates the sustainable partnerships needed to thrive for 110 years”