Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Supply Chain Expo Shows Freight Movement Can Be Just a Load of Hot Air

Unveiling of Stand Alone Pneumatic Cargo Transfer System
Shipping News Feature

US – The next major exposition for supply chain related businesses, Modex 2012, which opens in Atlanta, Georgia on the 6th February will provide many visitors from the freight community with a chance to examine machinery and cargo handling equipment which includes cutting edge technology. One such product uses air lift technology to enable items to be moved literally with one finger in warehouse situations.

Air powered pneumatics have of course been around for a while but usually utilise compressed air hoses from a central point to provide the necessary lift. The LoadRunner™ series from AeroGo Inc uses on-board compressed air to ‘float’ loads up to and above one tonne across the floor using a method requiring a mere fraction of the normal operator effort to move the load.

The LoadRunner effectively assists or replaces traditional material handling equipment including hand trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts. Completely self-contained, the unit features a low profile deck design with a 2” insertion height and intuitive throttle-style fingertip controls. LoadRunner is quiet and emission-free; ideally suited for manufacturing, clean rooms, assembly, testing, and warehouse applications requiring redundant and recurring load movement.

AeroGo has been around since 1967 and claims to be the world leader in the art of moving loads using air film technology. The sky seems to be the limit with the company’s website bearing videos, not only of the new product, but demonstrating the transfer of huge loads up to and including aircraft into a hangar in situations where manoeuvrability was strictly limited.

Photo:- The LoadRunner which can be seen on the AeroGo stand at Modex 2012 Booth 1826.