Thursday, January 9, 2014

Supply Chain Event Will Showcase Products to Speed Pick, Pack and Ship Sectors of Logistics

From Voice Activated Sorting to Roller Conveyors All Will be on Show
Shipping News Feature

US – WORLDWIDE – The world of freight and logistics is continually evolving to accommodate the needs of customers who seek ever faster distribution for their product. In the modern scenario warehousing and stockpiling goods is an expensive option and therefore technology utilised to handle items through the supply chain is constantly evolving to meet the need for speed. In March the Modex event in Atlanta, which modestly subtitles itself ‘The Greatest Supply Chain Show on Earth’ will feature the latest in handling technology.

One of the companies which has chosen to exhibit its wares is the Woodridge, Illinois based Numina Group which will be demonstrating its latest aids to rapid movement through the pick, pack and ship minefield. Products include some which, not so long ago, would have appeared impossibly futuristic, such as its Speaker Independent Voice Picking which requires absolutely no operator voice training and which Numina says can improve productivity up to 50%, even against ‘traditional’ voice reliant systems.

The company also produces LitPack™ PFI, incorporating a laser printer which can write an A4 packing sheet in 4 seconds, fold and insert it into a waiting carton and RDS™ Tier 1 Warehouse Control System, real time distribution technology which integrates and manages all the components which go to make up a busy pick, pack and ship operation. Numina also provides traditional elements of the supply chain such as roller conveyors to sort and deliver orders and the company will be present at Modex Booth 4723 March 17 – 20.