Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Successful Outcome as Freight Forwarding Outfit Moves Heavy Lift Project

Scandinavian Collaboration on Break Bulk Shipment
Shipping News Feature
NORWAY – ABU DHABI – Logistics outfit Greencarrier has been telling the history of a particularly complex heavy lift freight forwarding project the Gothenburg headquartered group was first tasked with back in June. A truly Scandinavian mix saw the company's Danish office asked to coordinate and plan the shipment of break bulk cargo from Halden in Norway to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on behalf of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The cargo included five huge cable reels as well as lifting gear. Each cable reel was nearly six and a half metres in diameter and seven metres high with a total weight of over 110 tonnes. The lifting gear included a more than four-metre long spreader beam which added an extra tonne to the shipment. The initial movement was arranged by Greencarrier Shipping & Logistics in Moss, Norway in cooperation with a short sea coastal shipping company.

The entire consignment was moved from the quayside at Halden onto the coastal freighter Atlas using a large mobile heavy-lift crane, and the cargo secured by straps linked to D rings welded in place. The initial voyage involved the carriage to Rotterdam where the goods, equivalent in weight to 25 elephants, was transhipped onto the deck of the Maersk Gibraltar for the trip to Abu Dhabi.

The time invested in the planning phase, together with the use of the appropriate equipment saw the complete consignment delivered on time and in good condition to the customer.

Photo: The Maersk Gibraltar under way.