Thursday, July 3, 2014

Successful Launch of Logistics Supply Chain Game Sees Blue Chip Sponsors Lined Up to Proceed

Autumn Term Training Days Give an Opportunity for Industry Leaders to Connect with Next Generation of Freight Forwarders, Warehouse and Transport Managers and Retail Staff
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UK – We recently covered the introduction of the innovative board game from Business on the Move designed to excite and inform young people about logistics and the complexities of the market and the supply chain. The operation behind the game however is worth looking at in some depth as it encapsulates much of the new attitude which is essential to the business of moving everyday items, whether by road haulage or air and ocean freight.

The Business on the Move game is to be distributed through The Very Enterprising Community Interest Company (CIC). A CIC is a form of company first sanctioned in 2005, primarily dedicated to useful social enterprise with an ‘asset lock’ that guarantees any surpluses are re-invested in the community. The game has received support from the UnLtd Millennium Award Scheme, UnLtd being a charity which supports social entrepreneurs.

With a successful introduction which saw 111 attending the launch last week the sponsors of the game will be first to nominate where and when they wish to put on their ‘Training Day’ a chance to invite local students to participate and learn the specific requirements of the companies involved and their relative positions in the supply chain.

The game is the result of a collaboration between retired teachers Andy Page and Pat Smedley and the results of initial market research and testing from Primary School level and up can be seen here and has resulted in a blue chip list of 50 sponsors for the game’s introduction. Everybody at the launch was upbeat about the scheme with Nick Barker, Intermodal & TransOps Manager at Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) UK, commenting on the day:

“It's fantastic to finally be at the long-awaited launch of Business on the Move. When we first met Andy and Pat over a year ago we were really excited by the prospect of the game and what it offers to young people so it’s a real pleasure to be here today to watch the game being played for the first time. MSC are dedicated to supporting the communities in which we operate and we love the idea that by contributing some games into local schools, we may be able to excite and educate young people about our industry.

MSC are one of the game’s Gold sponsors and as such will have their share of the 500 playable sets which should be available by September. This equates to something like 50 sets, which they can then choose to distribute to invited schools and colleges in any region of the country they select on the appointed training day. This means for example adjacent to the company’s main UK operation in Ipswich or spread around regional centres where a potential for increased staff support is envisaged.

The Training Days are scheduled to take place between September and November this year and sponsors include a host of well-known names in both the retail and logistics sectors, each keen to use the game to inform youngsters exactly how they fit into the country’s supply chain simply by way of playing it. You can see details here as to how it was received by teachers plus those of students of different ages when it was originally trialled to them.

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