Sunday, April 4, 2010

Study Finds CHEP Pallets Green Option For Shipping

Launches Website to 'Know the Facts'
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Global pallet and container management company CHEP, whose distinctive blue pallets can be found everywhere from Manchester to Timbuktu, has hailed a new study as proof that their services are environmentally preferable and sustainable in comparison to other options.

According to the company: “The 2009 life cycle inventory analysis demonstrates how the CHEP system creates significantly less solid waste, requires less total energy and reduces more greenhouse gas emissions than other common shipping platform solutions, including pooled plastic pallets and limited use white wood pallets.”

The report was produced by Franklin Associates, a leading consultancy specializing in life cycle inventory analysis and solid waste management. It was peer reviewed by an academic expert in the area of life cycle inventory analysis.

According to the study, the CHEP system generates 48% less solid waste, consumes 23% less total energy and generates 14% less greenhouse gas than pooled plastic pallets. Compared with limited use white wood pallets, the CHEP system generates 50% less solid waste, consumes 19% less total energy and generates 5% less greenhouse gas.

CHEP Americas Group President, Jim Ritchie, said: “The entire CHEP business model was founded on the principles of reuse and recycling more than 50 years ago. We are pleased with the independent third party validation that our business is effectively managing resources and that the report from Franklin Associates confirms the positive impact CHEP’s customers continue to make on the environment”

CHEP, whose UK arm has just won a contract from British Sugar worth £800,000 per annum, has created a new website to reinforce their message that use of their pallets can play a major part in any company’s environmental policy.