Monday, July 11, 2011

Strike action by Southampton Port Workers May Affect Freight Movements

Five Day Strike Starts Today
Shipping News Feature

UK - DP World Southampton report that some employees of Southampton City Council’s Port Health Authority are taking strike action for five days starting on the 11th July. The strikes are part of ongoing disputes concerning Southampton City Council’s plans to cut costs by imposing wage cuts.

The terminal will continue to operate as normal and DP World Southampton, the second largest container terminal in the UK, say that they will continue to load and unload ships, lorries and trains. The clearance and examinations of foodstuffs and some related goods will be partly affected with some delays occurring.

In a statement the company said:

“DP World Southampton is working together with Port Health to minimise the delays to their food handling customers both prior to, during and after this industrial action. Customers may want to try to clear their goods earlier than they normally do."

For any questions about how Port Health will be operating during this period of industrial action contact Port Health on 023 8083213.