Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stobarts And DB Schenker Launch Joint Rail Service

New Valencia Link Announced
Shipping News Feature

UK / SPAIN - Stobart Rail and DB Schenker Rail (UK) today announced the launch of temperature controlled intermodal services from Valencia to the UK via the Channel Tunnel. The service will offer a shared multi-client train for new and existing customers of both companies. By working together, all road and rail assets will achieve high levels of utilisation, thereby enabling a commercially sustainable door-to-door solution for companies involved in the export of fresh products.

The proposition is unique in that all rail traction will be provided by a single rail freight operator across three countries, with the involvement of DB Schenker’s European subsidiaries; Euro Cargo Rail in France and Euro Cargo Rail in Spain.

Stobart’s planning infrastructure and capability in the fresh and chilled sector will ensure that the product is monitored from the packing point to the final destination as well as its delivery on time and in optimum condition.

This is a major development in reducing the carbon footprint and transportation time of produce from Europe to the UK and Ireland.

Commenting on this new service, Stobart Group’s CEO Andrew Tinkler said:

“We are pleased to announce the collaboration with DB Schenker and believe this adds a massive opportunity for both companies to enable a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for moving fresh and ambient produce throughout Europe. Every train will contain 30 reefer boxes and the direct service from the pack-house to the store will reduce waste and increase the shelf life.”

On behalf of DB Schenker Rail (UK) CEO Keith Heller commented:

“The development of this product has been made possible by the investments that we have made in Euro Cargo Rail in France and Euro Cargo Rail in Spain over the last four years. By working with Stobart Rail we can deliver a superior product that will play a major role in European modal shift aspirations from road to rail. With increasing environmental and cost pressures we see tremendous growth opportunities for similar services to France and Germany.”