Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stobart and Tescos Still Going Strong

New £25 million contract awarded
Shipping News Feature

UK - The Stobart Group this morning announced it had been awarded a new £25million-a-year contract by Tesco’s. Both companies have enjoyed close relations for several years and this deal is in combination with one last year that saw Stobart win a £15 million contract to carry Tesco goods from Grangemouth to Inverness with its rail freight division.

Andrew Tinkler, Chief Executive of Stobart Group, said: “Tesco and Stobart started working with each other nearly five years ago and both organisations share a joint vision of maximising load fill to reduce ‘empty’ road miles, whilst maintaining exceptional levels of service to customers.

“This major new contract gives us the potential to increase movements from road to rail, minimising disruption to UK roads and providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.”

The new contract, to start in August, will involve Stobart’s being responsible for logistics for Tesco’s non-food lines from the supermarket giant’s new import centre at Teesport, Middleborough. Goods will be shipped by sea and rail into the hub, at which point Stobart’s will handle distribution to Tesco’s other regional centres and stores across Britain.