Thursday, December 17, 2009

State of Missouri Looks To Improve Water Freight Options for Shippers

Taskforces Set Up to Examine River Transport Efficiency
Shipping News Feature

MISSOURI / USA - The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is to commission three interlinked studies to examine how to improve and increase the use of freight transportation on the states waterways, particularly the Missouri river.

MoDOT is cooperating with current and potential users of water transport and is overseeing the three taskforces which are examining ways to improve the waterways freight infrastructure, river management and a market analysis for the Missouri River corridor development.

The latter will be a $900,000 study conducted in 2010 which will examine the potential of greater containerisation and how to conduct shipping schedules reliably in low water conditions.

The hope is that by increasing the logistics options by giving river transportation better links into other intermodal freight systems, Missouri manufacturers will be more competitive on the global market with increased efficiency and lower costs.

With increased emphasis on greener freight haulage, and river transportation undoubted one of the least polluting mediums if run correctly, MoDOT’s may be leading the charge as other regions and cities start to return to the major use of waterway logistics.