Thursday, May 5, 2016

Speeding and Phone Use Controlled by 'Frankenbarrel'

Monster Figures Educate Texas Drivers
Shipping News Feature
US – Tired of seeing drivers flashing past them at unreasonable speeds, some even on phones when driving, construction workers at a North Texas highway project, the 35Express, decided to act for the third year running and inform the transgressors during what is in fact Safety Week 2016. As in previous years the gangs have used empty 200 litre barrels to construct something the motorists could not help but take notice of – this time a fifteen foot high ‘Frankenbarrel’ monster accompanied by a large, orange turkey.

The road teams had good reason to act, last year saw no less than 21,000 incidents in the work zones on roads in Texas and the larger than life statues have taken their places along Interstate 35E between US Highway 380 and Interstate 635 to remind drivers of the dangers af speeding and inattention whilst driving.

Some passers-by thought the giant figures might distract drivers but the overwhelming opinion was that this unusual method drove home the message that speed kills whilst providing a light hearted way of reminding motorists that the safety of themselves, and others, lies in their hands.