Thursday, March 12, 2015

Specialist Project Freight Forwarding Contract Tests Logistics Outfit's Competence

Volume and Complexity with a Hazardous Military Side Makes for a Tricky, but Successful, Transit
Shipping News Feature

JORDAN – UK – Project freight forwarding contracts can come in all shapes and sizes with each posing its own individual problems. Sometimes it is the logistics of moving a single massive piece, whilst others, such as that recently faced by Manchester based Tuscor Lloyds, offer a situation containing a variety of elements, making things somewhat more complex.

The contract was for the removal of 475 tonnes of Trucks, Land rovers, Generators, a Fuel Truck and Support Equipment, which, because of its military nature, required an escort in the exporting country, Jordan, as well as some being of a hazardous nature. Moving the consignment from Aqaba to Felixstowe in the UK would require the provision of 18 flat rack and 7 dry van containers, plus some containers belonging to the client.

Aqaba is situated at the north eastern tip of the Red Sea and serves as Jordan's only coastal city and Tuscor Lloyds were charged with finding the most efficient transport methods. The entire shipment was moved to Aqaba port using trucks, each one with its escort, before being loaded onto the local feeder vessel. The cargo was then transhipped in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in order to connect with the fastest and most direct sailing to Felixstowe as researched by the specialist team.

The company’s knowledge and experience was necessary to handle the complexities of the job and in a trip including notoriously difficult terrain a total transit time of 18 days was achieved by the team.

Photo: Each truck required chocking and securing to the flat racks.