Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Specialist Freight and Logistics Insurer Warns of Dangers Beyond the Industry

Modern Claims Extend Far Beyond Simple Goods in Transit Matters
Shipping News Feature
UK – Everyone involved in the movement of freight along the supply chain will be familiar with the standard insurance policies which are so essential when transporting cargoes, whether they be domestic parcels or giant international project forwarding movements. Now however a supplier of traditional Goods in Transit and other such policies, is pointing out that some other types of coverage are required, no matter what sector a company is involved in.

Peter Lole Insurance Brokers, based in Buckinghamshire, has long supplied the industry standards, freight, warehouse and hauliers’ liability insurance along with marine cargo and specialist cover for things like fine art movements. Now however the British International Freight Association member has issued a reminder through BIFA’s house magazine BIFAlink, pointing out the perils of ignoring or forgetting types of insurance often overlooked or ignored by many companies. Managing Director Simon Lole comments:

”We strongly recommend that all companies consider the consequences should they not take out policies to ensure the continuity of their business and, if their senior officers come under threat, protection against personal liabilities. Directors these days can be placed in a situation where they must defend themselves against many types of claim which can range from breaches of trust, duty or contract to alleged wrongful acts.

”Such pressures can come from diverse sources such as disgruntled customers or shareholders, to disconsolate staff members. Insurance for such matters can be relatively inexpensive yet give peace of mind at a time when otherwise the pressures are likely to distract key people at the very moment they need to be in control of the situation.”

The logistics specialist insurance company also offers advice and policies on matters common to all commercial operations, large and small, including public and product and property cover and employer’s liability and the team can be contacted for quotes and advice through the website or at