Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Special Cargo Helps the Aspirations of Underprivileged Children

Boeing and Thai Airways Work Together Supplying Precious Educational Items
Shipping News Feature

THAILAND – US – Since Boeing introduced the 777 model in 1990, Thai Airways International has operated nearly every subsequent model produced and this month, when taking delivery of its newest 777-300ER aircraft, the two companies used the opportunity to carry a very special cargo to underprivileged children in the South East Asian country.

During a ceremony at the Everett Delivery Center, Elizabeth Lund, Vice President and General Manager of the 777 programme, presented one of a thousand school backpacks to Thai Airways International President Dr Sorajak Kasemsuvan as part of Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flight programme which dates back to 1992, commenting:

“In addition to being the delivery of the 27th 777 to Thai Airways International, this delivery is special for another reason as well. We have included some extra items in the cargo compartment of the airplane, two pallets containing 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies. Boeing is pleased to be able to partner with Thai Airways International in support of children’s education.”

Since initiating the programme Boeing has facilitated more than 150 relief flights in partnership with nearly 50 airlines, transporting in excess of one million pounds (450 tonnes) of aid. This latest act was greeted warmly by Dr Kasemsuvan, who said:

“I am thankful to Boeing for providing the supplies and pleased that Thai Airways International can carry them to children in Thailand. This event demonstrates the close relationship between Thai and Boeing and our shared interest to support development in Thailand.”

Photo: The pallets go aboard the 777.