Monday, May 18, 2015

Spanish Air Carrier to Aid Parent Group with Freight Services and Increase Cargo Capacity

Low Cost Airline Takes a Share of World Wide Network
Shipping News Feature

SPAIN – WORLDWIDE – Under a deal negotiated through its subsidiary, Iberia, this month sees the International Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG), owners of British Airways, start to use the services of Spanish low cost carrier Vueling (another IAG subsidiary) in an attempt to increase freight capacity to and from Western Europe, particularly Germany, whilst opening up the parent group’s international cargo network to shippers.

The object for IAG Cargo is to increase capacity by a reported 18%, boosting the company’s Euroconnector service which offers 1 and 2 day delivery terms for freight under 300 kilogrammes. The move rationalises IAG Cargo’s services by making the already comprehensive network available to shippers, whilst presumably reducing its own costs.

Euroconnector includes a couple of features particularly attractive to freight forwarders including 50% discounts for failed target times on Euroconnector 24, and the ability to utilise Cargo Connector, available at several major international airports stretching from Seattle to London’s Heathrow, in which cargo under the 300 kilogramme limit is collected free of charge by the airline.

The addition of Vueling services to the established IAG portfolio means with almost immediate effect Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin Tegel join the IAG network, with Frankfurt and Munich on stream later this year. The new services can be booked as usual through the IAG Cargo website.