Tuesday, December 8, 2009

South Korea To Totally Ban Single Hull Tankers

From 2011 Double Hulled Vessels Only
Shipping News Feature

SOUTH KOREA - South Korea is to ban all single-hulled oil tankers from calling at the country's ports from 2011. The move is the culmination of a gradually increasing restriction that has been building since 2007.

Next year the South Koreans will allow only 15% of the ships that call at their ports to be single-hulled tankers, down from this year’s limit of 22%.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs states that the decision is “…to prevent major oil spills near Korean shores,” something that is all too recent in the Korean consciousness after the tanker the Hebei Spirit spilt over 10,000 tonnes of oil into the Yellow Sea off the Korean coast in 2007.

(pic: the Hebei Spirit accident)