Friday, December 15, 2017

Some Smaller Items of Supply Chain and Logistics News You May Have Missed

Happenings in the Freight Domain Announced This Week
Shipping News Feature
US – INDIA – We start the snippets of the week with the news that Advanfort, the US based security company which lost all credibility when it abandoned the needs of 35 of its crew aboard the ill fated MV Seaman Guard Ohio leading to their detention for over four years by the Indian authorities, has had the temerity to issue a statement saying it is 'delighted' that the men have now been acquitted and released.

The company says it was a ‘gross violation of international law and basic human rights’ and it expended significant resources and effort to seek the release of these wrongfully detained men’. Well not as far as either the outside world or certainly the men and their families are concerned. The company effectively abandoned its staff to the ministrations of the Mission to Seafarers’ and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

The full details of this sorry saga and the ongoing tale of the ‘Chennai Six’ and their colleagues can be read by typing Seaman Guard Ohio into the News Search box on any page.

UK – Boozi Body Care, manufacturer of a range of cocktail-inspired hand and body creams and washes, has outsourced its B2B and B2C supply chain processes to Berkshire-based Walker Logistics. Walker will provide picking, packing, kitting and fulfilment services for Boozi Body Care's online sales and supply replenishment orders to the company's growing list of UK-based retail partners. The contract will run from Walker Logistics’ 250,000 square foot, multi-client warehouse facility on the outskirts of Reading. William Walker, sales director of Walker Logistics, commented:

“Boozi Body Care needed a logistics specialist with a successful B2B and B2C track record and we are delighted that they chose us. We offer a very personalised service and provide a quality interface between our clients and their B2B and B2C customers.”

UK – SCANDINAVIA – Supply chain software provider BluJay Solutions, has been selected by Trust Forwarding, one of Scandinavia’s top freight forwarders and a division of SAS Cargo Group A/S, to provide it with a comprehensive cloud-based transport management system. After decades using a manual on-premise system, Trust has implemented BluJay’s Transportation Management, a cloud-based TMS platform that will enable it to increase its business efficiency, run cost control in-house, and improve its integration with partners and customers. Søren Nørsø, managing director of Trust Forwarding said:

“BluJay’s TMS solution provides us with everything we need to manage the logistics and finance of transportation all in a single platform. It lets us integrate directly with our partners and customers, helping us to improve communication and speed up the order generation and invoicing processes exponentially.

“As we work towards aggressive expansion targets for our air freight forwarding operations and look to grow our sea freight business and value-added services, BluJay gives us the flexibility and scale to manage hundreds of requests a day seamlessly and efficiently. The system will also fundamentally support the group’s digital strategy, enabling us to offer a more transparent and integrated solution with our customers around the world.”

DENMARK – Air cargo handler, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has opened a new temperature-controlled facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, as it aims to enhance its ability to handle pharmaceutical cargoes. The investment is in support of WFS' airline customers' growing pharma volumes and WFS' own IATA CEIV Pharma certification programme in Denmark, which it expects to complete in early 2018.

The facility has the capacity to store up to 16 cargo units and offers separate temperature chambers offering both 2-8°C and 15-25°C environments. Each lane in the building is also equipped with an electronic rollerbed system to expedite the handling of pharma shipments.

The WFS team in Denmark has also been awarded the cargo handling contract for Air India’s new three times weekly Boeing 787 passenger and cargo services linking the European country’s capital city with Delhi. Jimi Daniel Hansen, WFS’ General Manager Scandinavia, said: “We are delighted to be handling cargo carried on board Air India’s new non-stop services between Denmark and India, which offers a direct trade link for exporters and importers in both countries. WFS is also progressing towards its IATA CEIV certification in Denmark with the opening of our new cooler facility to supports our customers’ premium cargo products for temperature-sensitive pharma shipments.”

JAPAN – Ina similar vein, va-Q-tec, which provides thermal containers for temperature-controlled cold chain logistics, and Japan Airlines are to cooperate. The pair say the collaboration offers an extended availability of passive thermal containers in one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in Asia. Customers can benefit from the extensive network of the air-freight company and the advanced technology of the packaging expert, which provides a unique opportunity for temperature-controlled transport of valuable pharmaceuticals.

The containers deployed by va-Q-tec, provide temperature controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside. These advanced passive thermal containers made by va-Q-tec offer constant temperature control for several days without using external energy sources. Takehiro Takasaki, Country Manager at va-Q-tec Japan G.K. said:

“We are proud to announce Japan Airlines, a high class air-freight company, as a strong partner for temperature-controlled pharma shipments. The cooperation increases the network in Japan tremendously.”

FRANCE – Our recent article highlighted the environmental zones which are rapidly being depployed across Europe. Now Green Zones tell us that with Winter being the season of air pollution peaks, French local governments have introduced new environmental zones. Toulouse, the industrial capital of south-western France, took the first step by publishing a prefectural order with immediate effect after a prolonged air pollution peak.

At the same time, particularly large-scale, environmental zones were introduced in the great areas of Haute-Savoie - Annecy, Maine-et-Loire - Angers, Savoie - Chambery, Vendée – La Roche-sur-Yon and Gers-Auch. In these departments, prefectural orders authorising the introduction of environmental zones were published, affecting the entire department, and, in some cases, hundreds of cities and municipalities.

These are temporary ZPA zones, which come into force in the event of a particularly heavy air pollution, as it occurs more frequently in these regions. Unlike the permanent ZCR zones, traffic restrictions are only applied here if the values for air pollution exceed the specifications of the EU limit values. In these new, large-scale ZPA environmental zones, the respective Prefect can declare at any time an air pollution alarm, who then individually determines in which city or municipality within the department a partial or limited traffic restriction is imposed.

The borders of these zones are therefore not fixed, but set individually in the event of an air pollution peak. Traffic restrictions are then imposed on Crit'Air badge classes, whereby the orders provide several warning phases, that will first exclude vehicles without Crit'Air badge from circulation and later ban the worse Crit'Air badges 4 and 5.It is strongly suggested that all drivers familiarise themselves with current restrictions by using the Crit'Air website.