Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Soft Loading of Bulk Vessels becomes a Reality

New Liebherr Technology Installed in Liverpool
Shipping News Feature

UK – A revolutionary new high rise industrial re-handler has been installed at Liverpool’s West Canada Dock to load furnace ready metal scrap into specialist cargo vessels for world wide distribution.

The R984C has been specially produced by the new Liebherr facility at Kirchdorf, Germany for metal processor’s  S. Norton & Co. Norton’s will transfer the giant 210 tonne machine around their variously placed dockside locations aboard the “Mersey Mammoth” a giant floating crane.

Norton now possess seven Liebherr handling machines which, it is estimated, will move over a million tonnes of scrap annually. The R984C was designed specifically for Norton by the Liebherr team to “soft load”, that is to place the scrap precisely into the holds of the collecting ship rather than simply drop it from height, as is usual.

Specification: The Liebherr R 984 C Litronic High-Rise industrial re-handler is a 210+ tonnes machine, powered by a Cummins QSK-19 C 750 six-cylinder engine which develops 504kW. It has a heavy-duty undercarriage and high-rise support structure, which raises the machine by 8.70 metres giving a 12.90m line of sight enabling precise soft-loading of bulk cargo vessels. The track footprint is 8m x 9.50m with 750mm wide cast steel flat trackpads. The electric gates are monitored by CCTV. Special additional fuel tanks allow the machine to run for up to 100 hours without refuelling.