Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SNAP System Reduces Administration for Road Haulage Operators

Annoying Minor Charges for Drivers Eliminated
Shipping News Feature

UK – Every haulage operator, large or small, knows the hassle associated with commercial vehicle drivers expenses incurred whilst out on the road. No matter how many fuel cards one carries and fuel bunker accounts notwithstanding there are always incidental expenses associated with freight and logistics operations on the highway. Now a Norfolk based company have introduced a system for settling non fuel related transactions quickly and efficiently whilst on the move.

ETP Card Processing has devised a system it calls SNAP (Single National Account Package) which allows haulage fleet operators to pay those annoying expenses such as parking, truck washing etc without the driver even stepping from his cab. The facility operates on registration number recognition and is currently available at seventy sites around the UK.

SNAP allows the driver and his employer to cut back on paperwork making it easier to park or wash a vehicle, sometimes not the highest priority for a driver but considered essential by all serious truck operators. It also lets the haulier know when and where the vehicle was at a given time. An operator gets one invoice showing which vehicles used which sites when, where and for what purpose.

ETP say that so far around one hundred and fifty road haulage groups have taken up the scheme and praise has been high for the simplicity and control of miscellaneous expenses which it brings. Full details of the scheme and the chance to register are available HERE.