Monday, April 12, 2010

Smiths Launch Telemetry System For Their Electric Commercial Truck Range

Emission Free Delivery Fleets now have Tracking and Performance Options
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UK – US – WORLDWIDE - Smiths Electric Vehicles have launched a new telemetry system today at the opening of the 2010 Commercial Vehicle Operator show. The system should allow fleet managers who utilise Smith trucks as both freight and public service vehicles to simplify fleet management of their commercial electric vehicles, while also reducing costs. Smiths already supply vehicles to numerous local authorities as well as large retailers and manufacturers plus shipping groups such as TNT.

Smith Telemetry works by collating and interpreting more than 1,800 data sets from an electric vehicle’s drive line controller and Battery Management System (BMS), along with a GPS tracker. The device refines and relays this information to a server, allowing real time access to all key performance indicators of the vehicle’s operations. Product Support engineers at Smith Electric Vehicles can also remotely conduct trend analysis, to effectively monitor all aspects of vehicle system performance.

“For the fleet manager, this system delivers unprecedented real time information on each electric vehicle’s location and state of charge,” commented Kevin Harkin, Sales Director for Smith Electric Vehicles.

“Smith Telemetry will also allow our service engineers to provide even more focused and targeted product support, minimising call-outs and reducing the amount of time a customer vehicle is off road. It represents a paradigm shift in the product support of electric commercial vehicles. This is a very cost-effective method for fleet managers to streamline the management of commercial EVs.”

The first Smith Telemetry systems in Europe will be fitted to the fleet of Smith Edison vans, being delivered this summer through the UK Government’s Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme (LCVPP). Smith is supplying 47 of its Smith Edison vans to the programme out of a total of 70 vehicles being supplied by a total of three companies. Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation will fit the new telemetry system to the larger Smith Newton trucks, for customers in North America. The system can be retrofitted to existing customer fleets throughout Europe and South East Asia.

Smith produces the world’s largest range of commercial electric vehicles, with Gross Vehicle Weights from 3,500kg to 12,000kg. The vehicles deliver top speeds of up to 50mph, a typical urban range of 80-100 miles and excellent payload capabilities. Smith vehicles are designed for lower mileage, urban operations.

As pure electric vehicles, all Smith products are zero emission at the point of use. Such vehicles are usually recharged overnight, meaning they do not place any additional pressure on power stations (the UK National Grid has an oversupply of electricity at night which Smiths say at present goes to waste). Even when recharged during the day, from a conventional electricity supply, EV’s still deliver a mile-for-mile CO2 saving of up to 50% versus equivalent diesel vehicles. With zero exhaust emissions, they also help to combat air pollution from road transport in congested and densely populated city centres and because the high efficiency electric motor is virtually silent, all electric vehicles are ideal for out-of-hours deliveries in sensitive residential areas.

Based on the Ford Transit, the Smith Edison was launched in April 2007 and remains the world’s best-selling electric light commercial vehicle. The Smith Edison was the world’s first electric van with a Gross Vehicle Weight of under 3,500kg – a critical factor because vehicles over 3,500kg require a commercial vehicle driving licence. Edison, like any normal van under 3,500kg, can be driven by anyone with a regular UK licence. These vehicles are currently available in all Smiths normal world markets except North America.

The Smith Newton was launched in 2006 and is now the best-selling electric truck in the world. Based on the Avia truck chassis, Newton is available in GVWs of 7,500kg, 10,000kg and 12,000kg. This model is marketed in the States by Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation who own the licence to produce and market the Newton from their base in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photo: Smith Edison