Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Small and Medium Sized Freight Forwarders Offered New Support Solution for Air Cargo Moves

Improved Planning and Control Options Made Available in Line with Master Plan
Shipping News Feature
WORLDWIDE – Cargo iQ, the not for profit membership outfit supported by the air cargo industry, includes over 80 organisations from across the sector including airlines, freight forwarders and IT and industry support groups. Now the Geneva based organisation says it has successfully trialled a new Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Solution to provide vastly improved planning and control options to small and medium sized forwarders who work with member airlines on a small-scale, or regional basis.

The proposal, Cargo iQ SME, enables a route map and status updates to be made available to the forwarder for individual consignments in line with the common business practices and milestones set out in Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan, which itself was developed as a system of clearly defined common business processes. Chris Davies, Manager Product and Technology, at Cargo iQ, commented:

“With Cargo iQ SME, we provide a turn-key solution for independent freight forwarders to benefit from shipment planning and control through shared Route Maps and operational visibility for various milestones along the shipment lifecycle. Cargo iQ’s members work together to continuously improve the value of airfreight for customers, and, by expanding our Solutions Portfolio, we are opening the door to a wider section of the air cargo industry.”

After registering with an accredited Cargo iQ SME IT Service Provider, forwarders can benefit from Cargo iQ performance management tools straight away. The SME Solution trial started with CCS Italy, using Riege Software's back-end Cargo Data Management Platform (CDMP). CCS Italy specialises in innovative, value-added IT solutions for freight forwarders, air cargo carriers, and ground handling agents with Senior Consultant, Gianni Mauri, saying:

“Taking part in Cargo iQ’s SME Solution trial is a great opportunity for CCS Italy to demonstrate how independent freight forwarders can work with air cargo carriers to benefit the overall air cargo industry.”

For its part Riege Software specialises in Cloud-based software solutions for the cargo industry and Managing Director, Christian Riege was enthused about his company’s involvement, observing:

“We always put our focus on scalability, to serve customers from the smallest to the largest on the same high technological level. To expand this approach to IATA's Cargo iQ initiative targeting SMEs was an extra stimulus, with the awesome outcome of facilitating SMEs access to Cargo iQ."

An official launch date for SME will be announced in the coming months, following an evaluation of the trial phase and forwarders that join the SME portal will also have the option to apply for full Cargo iQ membership to benefit from additional performance reporting, benchmarking, collaboration, and insights. Chris Davies concluded:

“Upgrading allows smaller freight forwarders to put the Cargo iQ stamp of approval next to their names after a vigorous audit and certification program, and provides access to other tools, such as our member-only Door-to-Door Performance Management System.”

The Door-to-Door (D2D) Solution allows Cargo iQ members to measure the movement of freight from shipper to consignee, and has also been developed based on the Master Operating Plan. D2D provides implementable business rules and use cases to track and measure shipments, operational visibility in real time on an individual House Air Waybill (HAWB) basis, as well as comprehensive metrics on pick-up and delivery performance. All route map data for D2D is provided by Cargo iQ to generate analytics, which is then reported to members in Cargo iQ’s Air Cargo Intelligence Hub.

Cargo iQ offers a short video which demonstrates exactly how it works to support the air cargo industry.