Friday, March 17, 2017

Skillful Seamanship Goes Viral After Pilot Brings In Huge Car Freighter Despite Cyclone

Ship Makes Port Safely Thanks to Skilled Personnel
Shipping News Feature
SOUTH AFRICA – Footage of massive car carrier being brought into the Port of Durban has gone viral after cyclonic weather conditions battered the Durban beach front earlier this week. Marine pilot Rainer Rauntenberg safely steered an automotive vessel into the port despite horrendous conditions. The video shows Rauntenberg, who has been a marine pilot for more than 14 years, successfully steering the vessel under adverse weather conditions with wind speeds fluctuating between thirty and forty knots caused by tropical cyclone Enawo which struck Madagascar last week. Port of Durban Harbour Master Alex Miya said:

“The pilot’s bravery to safely bring in a vessel in high wind conditions and large ocean swells proves that the Port of Durban is always ready to service its customers and will not let adverse weather conditions delay vessel turnaround time, whilst adhering to maritime safety precautions.”

“It was challenging to bring in a vessel in such rough weather conditions but my focus was to make sure that it was safely berthed,” said Rauntenberg who has worked for the Port of Durban for seven years.

The sight of the vessel in trouble brings home the inherent instability of this type of multi-decked ship, a problem overcome by sleight of design and modern technological advances. Only by watching the one minute video (viewable here) is it possible to comprehend how near this vessel came to foundering in the atrocious conditions it faced.