Thursday, March 3, 2016

Six Ultra Large Container Ships to Carry Asian - US Freight from May

CMA CGM Announce Officially the Route for the Great Explorers
Shipping News Feature
FRANCE – US – ASIA – To nobody’s surprise the world’s third largest container shipping company, CMA CGM, has officially announced that it will be deploying its flagship fleet of 18,000 TEU Ultra Large vessels between Asia and the West coast of the US, beginning at the end of May. These ships are among the largest in the world and, being equipped with the latest environmental technology, the French shipping line says they will significantly reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The vessels are all named after the Great Explorers, all prefixed with the CMA CGM initials they are christened Bougainville (French 1729-1811), Kerguelen (French 1734-1797), Georg Forster (German 1754-1794), Vasco de Gama (Portuguese 1460s-1524) , Zheng He (Chinese 1371-1433) and, the odd one out of the group as he was a political rather than geographical explorer, US founding father Benjamin Franklin (American 1706-1790).

The six ships will join the Pearl River Express service, deploying on what CMA CGM calls ‘the most active and dynamic market to date’ the trans-Pacific market, in line with both the growth strategy set by the group in the United States and around the world and the optimisation of its fleet.

The CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin became the largest ship ever to call in the United States last December and was inaugurated on February 19 in Long Beach, in the presence of Jacques Saadé, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CMA CGM, 450 customers, eminent persons from the economic and political spheres and institutional figures.

Photo: the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin.