Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singapore The Freight Hub For New Australian Logistics Contract

Paper Giant Select Their Chosen Carrier
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – ASIA – The network of NVOCC, logistics and forwarding concerns that make up the Famous Pacific Shipping (FPS) group announced a major coup this week when the Victoria branch announced a new contract with Huyck.Wangner Australia to handle worldwide freight shipments, including all import and export traffic for Australia, for the next two years.

Huyck.Wangner is part of the Xerium Group which supplies a range of essential products to the papermaking industry from thirty one global manufacturing facilities located in thirteen countries. The new contract will work to optimise the freight spend from all global production facilities spread across Europe, plus North and South America from which Huyck.Wangner Australia sources equipment, while reducing the overall delivery time to Huyck’s customers across Asia and the sub-continent.

FPS (Victoria) will utilise a central hub in Singapore to collate all orders, regardless of final customer destinations, these being collected on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. Singapore was selected as the most appropriate warehousing and distribution facility as the South East Asian city state provides the highest frequency transit options for both the inbound production and outgoing orders to Huyck’s Asian customers.

According to Sam Aparo, director, Famous Pacific Shipping (Victoria) Pty Ltd Huyck Wangner Australia has a yearly freight spend of around four million Australian dollars meaning in excess of 1000 TEU’s transiting annually. Mr Aparo commented:

"This contract is about more than just moving cargo from A to B. We will have to co-ordinate worldwide delivery from around the world to Singapore and then onwards to the final consignees across Asia and the sub-continent. I know that Huyck.Wangner Australia has worked with a third party to re-engineer its logistics model and we will work with them in support of this contract.

"Both parties sought the critical factors of lead-time reduction and cost saving opportunities. That is why it was determined that a centralised freight and distribution hub would be the most effective way to optimise the freight spend while reducing the overall delivery time to Huyck.Wangner’s customers across Asia and the sub-continent."